The Media 3.0 Platform for
Creator-led Communities

RainBlox is a blockchain-enabled Media 3.0 platform for creators to build content communities and enable them to finance, monetize and co-create content globally.

Content Ventures

Modern creators are no longer just characterized by good ideas; taking their fans along in their content journey is also imperative. With access to Web3 technologies and structures, creators can now build what we call Content Ventures – well-crafted IPs with the potential to become brands revered by millions of fans.

What follows is the transparency of operations,
tracking of digital rights, visibility of financial flows,
and roll-out of multi-format products for the fans.

Our mission is to enable creators to become
entrepreneurs in the true sense of the word
because every idea, every story, is content waiting
to be made.


Go Direct-To-Fans
  • Community-centered Content Ventures with a 360o monetisation strategy
  • Premium content creators go Direct-To-Fans (DiFa) and engage, transact and co-create with fans
  • Tokens, NFTs, Metaverse and much more for fans!

Fans Pre-Buy
Content Access,
NFTs & Other


Watch,Tip &

RainBlox Community Pass

(Smart Contracts)

The RainBlox Community Pass offers tiered rights to fans and supporters based on participation levels


Get privileged access to premium content, tickets, special events and more.


Support your favorite content, vote, and earn rewards.


Get updates on progress and roll-outs of Content Ventures.

Community Passes are redeemed, rented and traded in the form of digital assets and NFTs

Technology Architecture
Technology Stack
Other Tools

Bootstrap for styling

Formik for creating forms

Webpack for packaging

Hibernate for object rational mapping

Quartz for scheduling

Web3.js for blockchain Interfacing

RainBlox Use Case
Young Captain Nemo

Young Captain Nemo is a Web 3.0 multi-format content franchise based on trilogy of books, written by an accomplished author.

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