Content Ventures - The Next Big Asset Class

By Neeraj Bhargava - Founder, Rainshine & RainBlox

Apr 25 / 2022

Over the last few decades, the combination of Silicon Valley as a tech venture creator and NASDAQ as an IPO platform for these ventures completely transformed the investment landscape. An entire ecosystem of investors and advisors from angels, seed investors, early - stage VCs,growth / late - stage investors,tech bankers,analysts,evangelists, Etc.,have emerged to enable and catalyze investments in new ventures from a few thousand dollars to billions. Investors have made billions of dollars, and tech investing has become a global epidemic. Everyone has been infected with the hope of hitting that massive multibagger. In the next 10 - 20 years, investing in content is about to explode, and content IPs will be the new asset class.

Content assets have been seductive and lucrative for a while. Pokémon, at $92 Billion, is as valuable as Stripe. Harry Potter at $40 Billion matches Uber. Squid Game achieved Unicorn status with just one season. So did Hamilton on Broadway. Music libraries of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan have sold for hundreds of millions of dollars. The list is endless: Friends, Seinfeld, Batman, Spider - Man, Superman, Wonder Woman, Star Wars, Avengers, Naruto, Peppa Pig, Nyan Cat. Yet investing in these assets has not been possible. Blockchain - based tokenization of such IPs is about to change all that. Fans and investors can increasingly have a bite of the cherry and aim for a new category of multibaggers, something we at RainBlox call Content Ventures.

Content Ventures will be assets that go beyond the issuance of an NFT as a collectible. Creators will involve fans and investors, not mutually exclusive, in the early stages of content creation and provide them with privileged access, the share of profits or revenues, the ability to participate and co - create, and access to multiple NFTs that spawn from a single IP. The technology is there, and regulation needs to catch up and become clear. The day is not far when content angel boot camps and specialized investors and analysts become commonplace. RainBlox is moving rapidly to bring several Content Ventures to market. Watch this space as you just might have the opportunity of investing in the next Pokémon or Harry Potter!